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I love Remus Lupin (hence the name!)

Because he gives away chocolate and he makes a sexy werewolf!

28 July 1983
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This is my fan fiction journal.

WARNING- Do not read this journal if:

a) you’re under 18
b) you disapprove of sex scenes in stories
c) you disapprove of same sex scenes

These stories involve sex and abuse, including domestic abuse and rape. All of my fics that are in this journal are that of same sex pairings as well as heterosexual pairings. If you should read it anyway, Ill not be held responsible for any trauma you should suffer.... I gave you the warnings and you took the risk!!!

My real journal name is krystal_moon

I have been writing since May 2006 and I have written numerous stories in the Harry Potter fandom. Although this journal was created in September 2006, all entries/stories are posted and backdated, according to the date they were first posted on my profiles on adultfanfiction.net and fanfiction.net.

All of my stories can be found here. All of my single chaptered fics are archived according to the main pairing/pairings. All of my multi-chaptered fics are archived in their own section (stating the main pairing and the title of the fic)

My Pairings

Here are the pairings that I have either written about, read or expressed an interest in reading/writing:

Remus/Sirius: (MY OTP!! I have written loads of fics on this pairing)

Harry/Draco: (I have written this pairing but I don’t like this pairing. These two really dislike each other and any relationship between them, IMO, would be cold and abusive)

Harry/Remus, Harry/Sirius, Harry/Sirius/Remus: (I have written Harry/Remus fics and really want to write Harry/Sirius and Harry/Remus fics)

James/Remus, James/Sirius, James/Sirius/Remus: (I have showed interest in writing this fic and really want to soon)

Fenrir/Remus: (I have written a few fics on this pairings. When it comes to the character Remus, writing him with Fenrir is the combination of the perfect darkfic).

Remus/Tonks: (Overall, I have had a love-hate relationship with this pairing but in recent months, I wondered why I have problems with liking this pairing. I mean, I think Remus rocks. I think Tonks rocks. It was then I realised that my problem at the time was that I was so fixated with Remus/Sirius that I couldn’t imagine Remus with anyone else. Also, the way the pairing was used in HBP- it just seemed a bit rushed and confusing by the end. I am now quickly warming up to the pairing and I would like to see more development of it in the seventh book. As for writing this pairing, I would like to- it’s just finding a good story)

My top two writing tips:

1) No matter what fandom you write for, it is normal for one to have a One True Pairing. However, it is very healthy to try writing another pairing from time to time. I mean, if you write the same pairing again and again, it may get boring and plus, each pairing involves different ways of writing stories so by becoming varied and open, you can become a better writer.

2) Get a beta reader. ALL of my stories are beta read before posted on this journal. Even if you have been writing for a long time, ALWAYS get your stuff beta read! Trust me--having someone else read your stuff before it is published...well, they can spot your small grammar mistakes and see if the plot makes sense. A lot of LJ communities always request your stuff to be beta read before being posted on their communities. Past beta readers I have used include:

darklove_zorg (Live Journal and Greatest Journal) No longer my beta reader ever since August 2006.
faith_in_stars (Greatest Journal)
cheryl_bites (Live Journal)
emotionalwench (Live Journal)
lire_casander (Live Journal)
alexandramuses (Live Journal)
confiteor_3 (Live Journal)
that_girl_siva (Live Journal)
lotrwariorgodss (Live Journal)
writermerrin (Live Journal)
vyadh (Live Journal)
rdwind (Live Journal)
sporadic__ (Live Journal)
selinakyle47 (Live Journal)

Since August 2006, I’ve signed up for fic exchanges at the following communities:

witchwinter (wrote two in fact: the first was my first assignment and the second came along when I was a back-up writer)
hp_springsmut (wrote one fic)
remus_reads (wrote one fic)
hpslashnotsmut (wrote two in fact: the first was my first assignment and the second came along when I was a back-up writer)
crossover_hp (Finished the fic and waiting for it to be posted and revealed)
siriusisnotdead (wrote a fic especially for the group. I wont be recieving a gift because I'm the fest mod)
hp_summersmut (Revealed)
hp_wintersmut (wrote a fic for a participant because a pinch hitter pulled out. I wont be recieving a gift because I'm the fest mod)

Below are all the fics I have written for fic exchanges as well as gifts I’ve received. NB: only fics which belong to exchanges which are completed (and identities have been revealed) will show up:

Fic I have written as gifts



Written for


Beta Reader

Pinch hitter?

Date of author reveals

Original Posting

They Don't Know what They're Missing
Ginny/Tonks eiranea witchwinter cheryl_bites No 08/03/07

Naughtiness Amongst Friends
Ginny/Luna eska_rina witchwinter alexandramuses Yes 08/03/07

Sex and Chocolate
Remus/Tonks loony4lupin remus_reads confiteor_3 No 02/04/07

The Dead Should Remain Buried
Sirius/Harry, Remus/Sirius istalksnape hp_springsmut confiteor_3 No 05/04/07

A Very Interesting Distraction
Ginny/Tonks the_spinnersend hpslashnotsmut that_girl_siva No 07/05/07

Chocolate Firewhiskey
Remus/Sirius phantomdove hpslashnotsmut confiteor_3 Yes 07/05/07

Harry Skypotter and the Return of the Wizard Knights Part 1 and Part 2
Remus/Sirius (minor reference), mainly a Gen fic tarie (originally for youngest_one- notes on the change can be found on the Author Notes of the fic) crossover_hp lotrwariorgodss and writermerrin No 14/05/07
Part 1
Part 2

The Ghosts of Sirius’ Past
Remus, Sirius and Harry (no pairings) The group siriusisnotdead vyadh No 09/09/07

Wicked Game
Harry/Lucius, Draco/Fenrir, Lucius/Draco/Narcissa, Harry/Voldemort k8nkane hp_summersmut rdwind and sporadic__ No 21/09/07

Sirius loves Mary Jane
Sirius/Lily beba_cura hp_wintersmut selinakyle47 No 20/01/08

Fics/art I have received as gifts


Gift type


Written/Drawn by





charlottechaos witchwinter

One More Thing That You Should keep in your Book of Dreams


Moony/Padfoot, Remus/Padfoot, Remus/Harry

dramaphile remus_reads

When Justice Is Gone, There's Always Force


Fenrir/Remus, Bellatrix/Hermione, Remus/Tonks, Fenrir/Hermione, Bellatrix/Ginny, Fenrir/Ginny, Ginny/Hermione, implied Fenrir/Tonks/Remus

ginny___weasley hp_springsmut

Ginny vs. Life: Life Wins



acromantular hpslashnotsmut

How Remus' "X-Factor" Was Discovered


Logan/Remus Lupin (Harry Potter/X-Men crossover)

mayflo crossover_hp

Le Tourbillon


James/Lily, Sirius/Lily, Sirius/James, Sirius/Remus, implied Sirius/Regulus

marseverlasting hp_summersmut